Walk! Active Bodies Equal Active Minds.

Create Corporate Walking Classes in a Snap.

We inspire you to move at work. We provide and train instructors to lead workplace walking classes.  We create corporate walks with multiple walking courses for your office. Just let us know what time you would like to walk and our fitness instructors will turn the great outdoors into your gym. 

Corporate Walking Classes

Walk for Lunch

2 days a week

Walk with a group for 30-minutes.

5K Walk for Lunch

2 days a week; 60-minutes

Train to walk 3.1 miles at lunch.

Step Tracking Class + Prizes

2 days a week. 30 or 60-minute walks. Track steps and compete for monthly OfficeWalk prizes. 


Camille C Perry

"I don’t get the opportunity to do fitness walks after work . This was really convenient. It encouraged me to exercise more and change my eating habits. Since starting the program October 11th, I have lost 14 lbs. Thanks for the great program!"

Linda Stubbs

"I truly enjoyed this program. It was a great time to meet new people, get together with co-workers out of the office and take a well needed breather from the office. It was also wonderful revisiting some of downtown historic sites as well. Oh yeah and you can’t beat the exercise. I feel better and look better!"

Gregory White, City of Decatur

"This is a creative program that allows people from all various backgrounds to meet and include exercise in our daily routine."

Paula Larkin

"I am so glad that I participated in walking for lunch, it was my sole motivation to get out of the office and get moving instead of sitting down to eat.  It was the jump-start that I needed to maximize my fitness time.  I am a more productive employee because we walked for lunch."

Jane Anderson

"I look forward to Tuesday and Thursday, more than I look forward to Friday.  When the walk is over I am hot, sweaty, tired and extremely happy."

Toni Kidd

"A chance to see different areas of downtown Atlanta! Different routes made the walks interesting. Some days were easier than others depending on the hills and streets on the route."

We will create various corporate walks for you.

Share our program with your HR or Wellness Manager.