About Us

San Jose, CA OfficeWalk

Our mission is to help change lives and improve productivity at work.

We began planning OfficeWalks to connect business professionals together for organized fitness walks during lunchtime in Atlanta, Decatur, and Buckhead, Georgia. As business professionals, we wanted to encourage co-workers to leave their office buildings to get fresh air, be active, and explore their community. Since our launch, we have worked with more than 60 businesses. We have walked more than 3,000 miles with over 700 business professionals that work in technology, banking, real estate, retail, law, and accounting.

We would love to start OfficeWalk for your organization.

Q & A

How long does each walk last?

Depending on the program that you choose, walks can be 15 to 60-minutes long.

How often is OfficeWalk?

This is a monthly program (2 days per week). Walks can be anytime of the day. Prefered times are morning, lunch and after work.

Is the course the same everyday?

No, we will walk a variety of different courses so that you won’t get bored.  

Will I have to sign a liability form before I walk?

Yes, each walker will have to sign a  walker liability form before walking with OfficeWalk. We want to make sure that you are ready to workout with us. 

What if there is inclement weather?

Our trainer will first find a safe alternative area to train your team, i.e. local  gym, covered skyway/space or parking garage. For winter months, you can also offer OfficeWalk sweaters to your team as an incentive to walk. If the walk is cancelled, you will get a text message from our trainers letting you know when the walk is rescheduled.

When and where does the walk start and end?

The walk will start and end at a designated area. The ideal start will be from your office lobby.